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Length isnt bad.. good job :)

I dont understand why people complain about it. Honestly i think the length was fine. for the quality of the animation it was great. seems like you put allot of work. in my opinion people should be appreciative it was that long because that takes time and creativity.

-loved the ideas you implemented with the song. it was funny as well as witty.
-character was bright and seemed to fit quite well with the voice
-it was vibrant! dull animations tend to make you lose focus far to quickly
-it wasn't extremely long. length of an average song which is good
-it wasnt in just one scene! you jumped all over from his home to the street and
then the work place.
- YOU CAN RELATE TO IT! thats most likely the best quality. its easy to find the humor in something you can relate to

9/10 5/5

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for your thoughtful review! I'm encouraged by the positive feedback. (=


Youve officially reached the status of super awesome epicness that cannot be explained in one sentence for its to epic on this long run on sentence due to the epiccollab of AWESSOOMMMMeeee... i liked your dolls


Amy's voice scared the fucking shit out of me O_O

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Had sooo much fun with this game. died quite a bit near the end but nonetheless . The only thing i can suggest is a duck option atleast for easy...because even easy was quite challenging later on and those shock bullets later became quite a pain in the ass..... 5/5 10/10

Just a few few things. Overall i LOVED the game but upon completing it there were a few things i think you may wanna check out. I don't believe this was an error on my part but sometimes when attacking a city the game would freeze the atk bar i could buy upgrades and still do everything else but the city atk bar and money income would freeze.

next the money was a little too easy. by the end of the game i had over 40 mill in cash with every upgrade bought and 999 zombies each. i had a blast with it but it may be something you want to consider looking at

What do you think about 1 firing some of the employees? There were times when i felt i was spending just too much because of the employees but it seemed i couldn't fire them so i had to focus allot more on capturing cities since i bought all the investments i could at the time and 2 upgrades for the employees themselves. Upgrading the employees would give more use to them then just their numbers.

Overall fun fun game. The silly jokes and humor in it were great. 9.8/10 4.5/5

AethosGames responds:

Yeah, that random freezing glitch has been giving me problems. It may be fixed in the newest version but I cant really seem to replicate it, so there's no way to test it. As for everything else, they are all good points and I will definitely consider them in a possible sequel.

Overall great time
One thing i noticed. Last boss was WAYYYYYYYYY to easy. i had over 90% of my health. i hit him with close up bolts, then dashed away. waited for him to teleport then hit him with bolts again and dashed away. It took some practice though. I actually had allot of fun burning through enemies and even the boss like that though so its not a bad thing. just something you may wanna keep an eye on

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this is great

the strings and synth blend like ....something that blends amazing :O!! is reallly great. what software are you using ? cubase?FL9?Kontakt?

SuperGoodSound responds:

I use FL Studio with about 10 grand worth of plugins lol

And yes, i did purchase literally EVERYTHING legitimately before people get the idea i use cracked stuff


really nice it just fits. idk if youll read this but if you do can you tell me what software you use? cubase ? fl? sounds great!


all the instruments seem to flow fluently. it was really really really peaceful. i liked it allot. this sounds like something youd hear in a forest of any rpg game so it seems to fit perfectly.

RetributionVox responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback :)

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:O......i jizzed my pants

i legit jizzed my pants....ty for...epic..ne..ss O_o.....


but make the gun a huge guitar "and youll be god in my eyes" lol. metal guitar gun would be epic :P, still looks fucking awesome though


when i was in high school i did stuff like this. i drew different add ons and such. brings back memories. 10/10. if u can put that into a flash that would be awsome (if u didnt already)

*BTW try adding some color. more appealing*


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